Bridge Proponents Ask For Extra Time

The Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority is mulling over a request for a little more time to get bids in on designing and building the new Gordie Howe Bridge.

The Authority has had the request, but hasn't decided if it will change that timeline.

No matter the decision - the start of construction is still slated for next year.

Spokesperson Mark Butler says the request isn't causing a problem and if the WDBA does decide to extend the RFP stage, the open period, it won't impact the actual start of construction of the bridge.

"If it does happen" said Butler,  "It gives them more time to prepare a more comprehensive and compliant proposal, and at same time it allows us to get together and complete some of the preparatory  activities we're doing on both sides of the border. It will not impact the actual start of construction of the bridge itself, that will still happen in 2018"

Spokesperson Mark Butler says they don't have a definitive opening date, they're waiting to see what the bids are propose.

As for a completion date, Butler says they have worked on the premise that it would take about 4 years to complete but they'll wait to hear from their proponents when the bids come in, to see what they propose as a construction timeline.