Budget Time In Tecumseh

The new Tecumseh council is getting ready to tackle the 2019 budget.

The draft budget will be tabled next Tuesday with deliberations happening on January 15th.

Councillor Andrew Dowie is expecting a "stay the course budget."

"With continuing investments and storm water mitigation, keeping our taxes around the rate on inflation in terms of the increases and doing our best to manage all the investments that have been pre-committed in past years," says Dowie.


Tecumseh Councillor Andrew Dowie attends the regular meeting of council on September 26, 2017. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Dowie is anticipating a slight budget increase in 2019 for Tecumseh taxpayers.

"Simply because the cost of doing business keeps on going up just as any homeowner has experienced," says Dowie.

The budget is expected to be approved on January 22nd.

Tecumseh residents saw a 2.1% tax increase for 2018.

That worked out to about $36 on a home assessed at $250,000.