Build A Dream Windsor Launching 'Dream To Be' Campaign

Today is the 'International Day of the Girl' and the local Build a Dream group is using the day to launch a special initiative.

The 'Dream to Be' campaign features photos of girls dressing up in attire for jobs like electricians, welders, politicians and pilots.

Build a Dream Chair Nour Hachim-Fawaz says the goal is to inspire young women to consider careers that aren't traditionally for females.

She says there's no reason women can't be part of filling the skilled trade shortage.

"We do believe that by offering all these options of career pathways that are viable, high paying and are in demand, it allows young women to make an informed career decision and it allows parents to see the opportunities that are out there for their daughters and to really see a community behind them."

She says women are under-represented in many fields.

"We thought, how cool would it be if we got a group of girls who have told their parents they want to become a welder, an electrician or an astronaut and have them play dress up for a day with us, and how, as a community, do we continue encouraging them as they get into high school and post secondary education and, ultimately, the work force?"

She says it's all about encouraging girls to be who they want to be.

"What we kept hearing from both parents and educators was that they have to start earlier. So our goal this year, in celebration of 'International Day of the Girl', how about we start talking as a community, what can we start doing as early as age four to encourage young women to believe that they can become anything they dream of?"

The 'Dream to Be' launch takes place today at noon at Windsor Hackforge on Ouellette Ave.


- With files from Patty Handysides