Building in City's Near West Side Looking to Expand


A Windsor city councillor can't believe the transformation of a previously vacant building near the city's west side.

Jim Morrison says the building at the northwest corner of Northway and Totten Street has undergone a facelift and he's applauding the owners.

He says the owners did a great job with phase one and are now looking to grow the "SKA:NA Family Learning Centre" 

Morrison says they want to build an addition which would house a daycare.

He says a bylaw amendment was needed to allow the daycare and the city's Development Standing Committee approved the request. 

Morrison says SKA:NA Family Learning Centre assists the area's Indigenous community.

"This is a real transformation of a property that was derelict right on the corner of Totten and Northway and Daytona," says Morrison.  "Totally neglected over years used as a bingo hall and than an actual paint ball facility, vacant."

Morrison feels a daycare is needed in the area.

"We have a lot of people in need of this," he says.  "There's a lot of subsidized learning that goes on here where people can bring their young children and families into the facility and get different kinds of daycare and learning in the building."

The bylaw amendment also allows for a commercial school, cultural facility and health studio.E

The Can-AM Indian Friendship Centre which was previously on Howard Avenue has re-located to the existing space of Northway.  

There is also some SKA:NA programming at the learning centre.