Busy East Windsor Intersection Sparks Debate at City Council Budget

At the start of deliberations for the 2019 budget, Windsor City Council has jump started an intersection project.

Ward 7 Councillor Irek Kusmierczyk proposed pulling funding forward from the 2022 capital year for Tecumseh Road East and Forest Glade Drive.

Council was told by administration the move wouldn't adversely impact other projects this year.

"Over the last 3 years we have seen a spike in the number of collisions and injuries and with additional developments such as a gas station and convenience store planned for the southwest corner that intersection is going to become a lot more complex and a lot busier," says Kusmierczyk.

Treasurer Joe Mancina says the pull forward may actually save some funds and says "Although we can't do widespread pre-commitments on everything, on small chunks like this sometimes that incremental financing is also offset by the cost today versus the cost in three years, so that's somewhat offsets it, the incremental inflationary costs we'll see in three years"

Concerns that were raised by other councillors focused on the costs and impact on other projects.