Busy Time For Street Help Homeless Centre

The return of the cold weather has meant more users at Street Help Homeless Centre.

The shelter on Wyandotte Street East has seen an increase of about 50 people per day.

Administrator Christine Wilson-Furlonger says the centre usually assists about 200 people daily but so far this week it's assisting more than 250 people.

She says many people are coming into the centre feeling ill.

"We've seen a lot more people coming down with flu symptoms and a lot of people are attributing, even in visits with their doctors if they have one that they're being told it's from the constant changing temperature so it's wrecking havoc on some bodies as well so that's a pretty sad thing," says Wilson-Furlonger.   

The centre is open until 6pm.

Wilson-Furlonger says due to not having enough staff, the centre can't stay open for 24 hours.