Campaign Launched Targeting Impaired Drivers

MADD Windsor and Essex County and local Crime Stoppers are teaming up to fight impairing driving--be it by alcohol or drugs.

They've joined a national campaign called "Campaign 911" to encourage people to call 911 if they see someone who is suspected of driving impaired.

"Especially with the upcoming legalization of cannabis, what better way to connect with like-minded partners like Crime Stoppers who want to see our streets safe and free from crime," says local MADD spokesperson Chaouki Hamka.

He says when it comes to impaired driving, it includes alcohol and drugs including cannabis and cocaine.

"Anything that impairs your ability to operate a motorized vehicle," he says.

Small amounts of marijuana will become legal in Canada starting October 17 and although it adds a new element to impaired driving, Hamka says impaired driving by drugs is not a new issue.

MADD is also looking at revamping the local program and adding more signs in Essex County including Essex, Amherstburg and LaSalle.

3.5 Canadians are killed and 207 are hurt every day because of impaired driving.

Effective 911 programs have shown to increase arrest rates for impaired driving by 30% on average.