Canada's Fresh Water Ecosystems Are 'In Peril'

The results of the first nation wide assessment of Canada's fresh water resources are in -- and researchers say they're not good.

World Wildlife Fund Canada examined four years worth of data and the conclusion is Canada's freshwater ecosystems are "in peril."

The report says climate change, habitat loss, pollution from agricultural runoff and other waste water, are a few of many concerns.

Data is only available for 15 of Canada's 25 watersheds.

Of the 67 sub-water sheds that have available data, 42 have poor or fair water quality.

President and CEO David Miller says the data in the report points to some alarming trends. "The northern Lake Erie sub-watershed, in that area we do see some significant stressors from pollution, habitat loss, overuse of water, invasive species, habitat fragmentation, and a little bit from climate change."

Miller says the time to enact change is now. "We need action, and for us that action is partially through individuals, partly through government, partly through business, and other organizations."

Miller says grants are available for community groups looking to make a difference. 

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