Canada-Saudi Arabia Rift Will Cause Some Issues For Windsor Regional Hospital

The ripple effects of a diplomatic dispute between Canada and Saudi Arabia continue to be felt in Windsor-Essex, this time in the health care field.

Windsor Regional Hospital will lose ten Saudi medical students after the country announced it will be recalling state sponsored scholarship students -  that's according to President and CEO David Musyj.

He says the hospital can make due with a fewer people, but at least three of them are integral to helping with patient care.

"That would be the important part. They were supposed to be here for multiple blocks of four weeks in Neurosurgery as well we were supposed to have a fellow being placed and that will affect Windsor."

Musyj says attending physicians will still be taking their regular patient load, but they'll be missing the help.

"It's always good, an extra set of hands, an extra set of feet on the ground. It's that loss of having that support. They were counting on them to be there to help the attending physicians, to be there to help support them with their day."

The disagreement was sparked when Canada criticized the kingdom's human rights record on twitter.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi