Canada South Has 40 New Citizens

There are 40 new Canadians in the Windsor Essex area following a special 150th celebration Citizenship Court.

People from 19 countries around the globe swore their allegiance to Canada at Cardinal Carter Secondary School.

Francisca Ngong from Cameroon is very glad she chose Canada over the US after searching the internet.

Mohammed El Sagir is from Lebanon and is concerned about what's happening with immigration in the US: "I don't know much about why but I just think that over here the system is better.  It gives good diversity to the country and I think that's what keeps Canada strong"


Mohammed El Sagir, moments after becoming a Canadian citizen in Leamington (photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

Edmon Oishanna, from Iraq, came to Canada to get away from an unsafe world:  "for bad security of my country.  And I like Canada because its a democratic country and a freedom country and above all I feel safety in it"

Andres Murillo came to Canada from Columbia when he was a teenager, the 21 year old thinks people born in Canads don't know how good they have it.

Among the countries represented in the new Canadians are Mexico, Pakistan, Bhutan, Netherlands, China, Poland, Laos and the former Serbia and Montenegro.