Canada To Ban Microbeads In Consumer Products

Windsor West MP Brian Masse is claiming victory as the final step took place this week to have microbeads in personal care products added to the list of toxic substances under the Canadian Environmental Protect Act.

As of July 1, 2018, there will be a ban on manufacturing products with microbeads and a sale prohibition of the products begins July 1, 2019.

Masse, who had been advocating for the change, says it is a great way to celebrate Canada day by helping to eliminate pollution.

The microscopic beads are used in many personal care products which eventually makes its way into the Great Lakes and are eaten by fish.

Masse says it's about time "They are unnecessary for the purpose for cleaning your teeth or cleaning your hair, so these unnecessary plastics were put in there and consumers now understand the devastating results they have."

Masse doesn't expect there will be any increase in the price of products as a result of the change because companies are ready "They have had a number of different months and years to adjust to this, in fact the fragrance and toiletry associations was very supportive of getting a standardized and a rule of order in place."

Microbeads are so small that fish confuse them for food and eat them.

They also are so small they can not be filtered by municipal water treatment plants.