Canadiens Hoping for 2-0 Series Leads

The Provincial Junior Hockey League Stobbs Division Final continues Friday evening in Lakeshore with the Canadiens looking to take a 2-0 series lead.

Canadiens Head Coach Anthony Iaquinta says the game plan won't change much from Tuesday night.

"We've got to try and play pretty similar to the way we played on Tuesday obviously," he says. "We shut them down pretty good and we worked hard and what not so just bringing a good energy, good tempo to the arena."   

Iaquinta says goalie Erik Morneau has been making some key saves for his club.

"He's been good for the last little bit here. He's stopping the pucks he needs to stop and now what's helping is he stopping saves that have a good chance to go in and can change a game and that's helping our team out a lot."   

Lakeshore beat Essex 1-0 in game one Tuesday.

Game time on Friday is set for 7pm at the Atlas Tube Centre with game three scheduled for 7pm on Sunday in Essex.