Cancer Centre Oncologist Anxious For New PET CT Scanner

The Chief of Oncology at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre says the new PET CT scanner they're getting is a huge advance.

Dr. Sindu Kanjeekal says the equipment will make a difference in diagnosing and also assessing the effectiveness of treatment.

She says this is technology that is different from what they currently have.

"CT's and MRI's show you anatomy, whereas PET CT can show you anatomy plus tissue function and how it's responding to treatment."

"It adds a whole other layer of information than what we have with traditional anatomic imaging and in terms of uptake, there are ever expanding indications for PET scans especially in the cancer world," says Kanjeekal.

The province announced yesterday that Cancer Canre Ontario is funding the entire $3.5-million cost of the new scanner.

The goal is to have the new equipment installed and operating by the end of the year.