Cancer Support Charity Expanding to New Areas

Best known for its support of people struggling with cancer, In Honour of the Ones We Love is helping in new areas.

On Wednesday, the charity presented a cheque for $50,000 to the Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare "Changing Lives Together Foundation."

$15,000 of the funding goes to support women's mental health program at the hospital.

The bulk of the funding, $35,000, goes to a breakfast program at the Regional Children's Centre.

Child and Youth Worker Rita Gidillini says they've been operating the program for about a year and it's made a big difference.

"They're connected with the staff, they're connected with their peers and they're able to have breakfast just before school.  Then their thoughts are more positive and it's just overall a better day for them"

Shei says one of the kids in the program had a special appreciation.

"He asked, 'Where's the food coming from?' and I said, 'Some generous and caring people from the community' and he said, ' if I were to meet them I would say thank-you and I'd like to be their friend'"


Regional Children's Centre support workers Rita Gidillini and Lisa Karns, Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare, April 10, 2019 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

In-Home Support Worker Lisa Karns says the children in the program face a variety of challenges.

"They're not functioning well at home and they're not functioning in community schools.  So these are the ones who are struggling in all areas of their lives and so we have the opportunity for them to come to us for treatment so they get some school based programs and then Rita and I are also the ones that go to the homes and provide support to the parents"

There are currently 54 children aged six to 12 in the program Monday to Friday.

Most are from Windsor Essex but a few are from the Chatham area.

It's estimated the funding will support the program for about three years.

In Honour Founder Anita Imperioli says this allows them to spread their wings of support a bit.