Cardinal Carter Students San Jose Bound

A group of students at Cardinal Carter middle school have found an innovative way to tackle harmful green algae.

This year's challenge was to solve a problem involving water, and the "Rain Regents" decided to build a self replenishing bird bath to prevent the spread of hazardous algae.

Their original idea has earned their robotics team a ticket to a global competition in California this week — they'll be the only Canadian team participating.

"Every 12-hours, the water will be dumped and then water supplied by the homeowners rain barrel will be poured into each dish, which will supply the birds with fresh water that will be constantly replenished," says Carter Matthews, one of the students working on the project.

Coach David Kostanjevec says it has been fun to watch the project take shape.

"Just to be able to facilitate this and push it along and then watch it kind of take a life of it's own and see the kids take ownership, there's nothing more rewarding."

 The winner of the competition will receive a $20,000 grant to implement their project in the real world. 


— with files from CTV Windsor