Casino Strike Impacting Local Business

The strike at Caesars Windsor is impacting some local businesses.

Drivers at Vets Cab say weekend numbers are going to be down.

The drivers who are represented by Unifor Local 195 and say even though the strike will hurt, they support their Local 444 brothers and sisters.

Vets driver Faizan Ali says drivers were anticipating a busy weekend.

"We have a lot of customers coming out from casino and hotel," says Ali.  "There's many people that come from airport to stay here and people go back and forth so it's really going to impact on our business."

He says he supports workers at the casino.

"They have every right to go on strike and whatever the needs are there," says Ali.  "As a union member, I'm a union member to so this is a tough situation but they need their demands to be filled."

Ali says it's a tough situation.

"Obviously it's going to impact the business for the weekend drivers and everything but I'm with the employees, definitely I'm with the employees they have every right to demand whatever they think is good.        

The 2,300 casino workers went out on strike early Friday morning to back contract demands.

They voted 59% against the tentative deal Thursday night.