Ceremony Planned To Honour Fallen LaSalle Police Officer

The Town of LaSalle will pay tribute to a fallen officer this August, almost 48 years to the day he was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Constable Robert Charles Carrick died August 23rd, 1969 at the age of 22.

A special celebration of his life is planned for August 20th, the same day when the Sandwich Parkway Bridge will be re-named in his honour.

Town Councillor Mike Akpata says Carrick's family is honoured. "They are like most other families who lost somebody, they wonder if they are remembered. When you can say to them yes we remember them and we want to do this, there's a moment I guess I call it happiness, then a recognition that they're happy that they're fallen loved one is being remembered and then sadness because they're reminded their loved one is gone."

As part of the tribute, for the week of August 18th, the section of Normandy St. between Malden Rd. and Ellis St. will be referred to as Robert Carrick Way.


Normandy St. between Malden Rd and Ellis St. (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)