Chamber Calls Tax Changes "Ambush Politics"

Chambers of Commerce across Canada, including Windsor-Essex, are calling for more information about pending tax reforms.

The federal government has announced there are changes coming before Thanksgiving, but the impacts remain unclear.

Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce President, Matt Marchand, says the changes affect ownership of small business and is expected to increase taxation, but little else is clear.

Marchand says he met with the three local Members of Parliament about the situation.

"Our local MP's are involved and engaged and are concerned about the lack of consultation," says Marchand. "They're very concerned about the impact on small business, particularly on farmers who are out on the harvest, as the government is essentially ramming through legislation without really having a community or business consultation."

Marchand is describing the proposed legislation as ambush politics; he feels there's no chance for the public to comment on the changes.

"They didn't consult us, they dropped it out in the middle of July to be implemented essentially in 60 days and we're saying, 'Wait, slow down,'" says Marchand. "We have to go much slower to understand all the implications and have time for input, otherwise they're just ramming through legislation without telling anybody."

Windsor West MP Brian Masse, Windsor-Tecumseh MP Cheryl Hardcastle and Essex MP Tracey Ramsey all met with Marchand recently over the issue.

The federal government says the changes are meant to close tax loopholes used by high earners.

MP's return to their seats in the House of Commons on September 18.