Chamber Upset With China Trade Deficit

The Windsor- Essex Regional Chamber Of Commerce is putting its foot down in regards to Canada's trade deficit with China.

The chamber says the deficit stands near $50-billion and current trade practices with the country can end up hurting Windsor-Essex.

Matt Marchand, president and CEO of the regional chamber, is teaming up with other regions to create a resolution, pressuring the government to take action ont he issue.

"We want to maintain our social infrastructure here: healthcare, education, infrastructure and so forth," says Marchand. "We need to have a competitive business environment for people to be hired for business to thrive. Without a thriving business community, we do not have a thriving tax base and without a thriving tax base we can not pay for things."

Machand says the dumping of Chinese steel into the country is just one of may problems for Canada's economy.  

"China is approaching a $50 billion trade surplus with Canada. We know they do not play by the rules. We know that their exports are often driven by job targets, employment targets and production targets rather than by market principals," says Marchand. "It is a real problem and it is costing us jobs here in Canada."

Marchand says a resolution spearheaded by the Windsor-Essex chamber is expected to reach Ottawa in May.