Chances of Surviving Overdose Shouldn't Be Dependent on Where You Live

Brandon Bailey is continuing his push for an overdose prevention site in Windsor in 2019.

A member of the Windsor Overdose Prevention Society, Bailey says the need is greater than ever and believes the chances of surviving an opioid overdose shouldn't be dependent on where you live.

According to Health Canada, there are eight approved safe injection sites in British Columbia, six in Alberta, four in Quebec and nine in Ontario, but Windsor currently doesn't have one.

Bailey says medically supervised consumption sites save lives, but he recognizes he's fighting an uphill battle as Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick has publicly stated safe injection sites won't happen under current legislation.

Last month, Bailey told AM800 News he and his group would go to anyone in need of assistance anywhere, anytime.

The Overdose Prevention Society's mobile clinic offers harm reduction kits with clean needles, test trips and Naloxone which staff will provide training on how to use.

Bailey says the group will also clean up any drug paraphernalia and dirty needles reported by the community.

The Public Health Agency of Canada says opioids killed an estimated 9,000 Canadians between January 2016 and June 2018.