Changes Coming To LaSalle Vollmer Centre

Changes are coming to the LaSalle Vollmer Centre.

On Tuesday night, council voted in favour of allowing Lepera Construction Inc. to begin fixing the facade of the building.

The repairs will fix various water leaks in the complex and will cost just over $84,000.

Mayor Ken Antaya says the town is also planning to provide an additional $400,000 toward improving the interior of the building. 

He says repairing the complex now will save money in the future. 

"We are depending on our administration to make sure we are upgrading it as much as we can," says Antaya. "If you let maintenance go, obviously a minor thing can turn into a major thing in a very short time."  

Antaya says future improvements include making a more open-concept reception area.

"The reception area is probably going to be the one that you are going to notice the most," says Antaya. "We are trying to make a reception area that is a little more receptive. I think right now people tend to bounce into each other a little to much. We are giving them a little bit more room and we are going to make it more aesthetically pleasing as well." 

He says the building has a variety of complex systems that need to be kept in check. 

"It is hard to believe but it has been open for ten years," says Antaya. "It is our oldest operated municipal facility. It is something we want to keep a close eye on because there are a lot of things there that can go wrong quickly. We have a pool, we have an arena, we have an air exchange system and you want to make sure you are sustaining it for future generations as well." 

Some of the future improvements planned for the building include replacing tiles in the pool area and installing a $50,000 security system.