Charlie Brooks Remembered 40 Years Later

It's been 40 years since the murder of Windsor labour leader Charlie Brooks.

Brooks was the president of the then-named UAW Local 444. He was shot and killed in 1977 by a disgruntled Chrysler employee, upset with the union's efforts to get him his job back after being let go.

Fellow labour leader Gary Parent Parent says he was in awe of Brooks' passion the first time he heard him speak.

He also remembers getting word of the shooting. "It was a very terrible day for the local, but not only for the local but for the community," says Parent. "When you look at some of the film and even the [newspaper] it was quite a tribute to Charlie because he not only touch Local 444, but he touched the community as a whole."

Parent says Brooks was a key driver behind introducing subscription drug plans to workers through Green Shield.

Brooks' legacy also includes a number of awards and monuments including the Peace Fountain along the Detroit River and the Charles E. Brooks Labour Community Service Award.

The former UAW Local 444 was predecessor to the current Unifor Local 444.