Chatham Well Water Sparks Testy Legislature Exchange

The issue of tainted well water in the Chatham area is causing a stir at Queens Park.

A verbal jousting broke out between Essex MPP Taras Natyshak and Infrastructure Minister Monte McNaughton, as well as members of the Water Wells First group who were in the gallery after Natyshak questioned whether an independent review of the water quality would be undertaken — as was promised by the Premier during the election campaign.

"I'm calling on the minister to put his money where his mouth is and initiate this health hazard investigation today for these people who have been here fighting for years for clean drinking water," Natyshak proclaimed, adding "You know what I find ironic, this is a government that prioritizes access to beer over access to clean drinking water. For the member for his own riding, it's unbelievable; you want to talk about irony."

McNaughton then tried to put the blame back on the NDP for supporting the Green Energy Act.

"We came to government, we immediately cancelled 758 wind and solar contracts, you opposed that sir. Mr. speaker, we cancelled the Green Energy Act that that party opposite supported you voted against that."

The group Water Wells First has contended the erection of wind turbines is the reason black shale sediment is found in their well water.

During the election campaign Doug Ford pledged his government would get answers for those land owners who were affected.