Chicken Processing Plant Headed To Tecumseh

A chicken processing and re-packing facility wants to re-locate to Tecumseh.

Windsor Quality Poultry is looking to move its Windsor operation on the 7th Concession to a site on Manning Road near South Talbot Road.

Mike Jones is the owner of Black Rock Consulting, the firm representing the owners/applicants, Rob and Olivia Carpenter.

Jones says the Carpenters have outgrown its current site which has seven employees and it needs a larger space.

He says the new space is about 6,000 sq. ft. and used to store farm equipment.

"They've got some renovations to do to that building to bring it up to building code so it can function the way they need it to function," says Jones.  "But they need to get through a council meeting where the bylaw is finalized at that point."    

Jones says the company re-packages poultry for retail sale. 

A public meeting dealing with a zoning bylaw amendment was held on Tuesday prior to Tecumseh's regular council meeting.

The issue now heads to a future town council meeting for final approval.