Chief Frederick Supports Survey On Officer Suspensions

Windsor's police chief is supporting the findings of a survey on suspending without pay police officers accused of a serious misconduct.

The survey of more than 100 police boards, by the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards, found they wanted the province to grant police chiefs the authority to suspend officers without pay.

Right now, an officer can only be suspended with pay.

Chief Al Frederick says this is a timely topic as the province has committed to reviewing the Police Services Act which was passed in 1990.

He says these findings could amount to some changes.

"I think the opportunity is there because they have made a commitment to opening up the Police Services Act, the legislation that governs police services," says Frederick. "So that is a real possibility, it has been supported by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police."

"It is an organizational approach to good discipline which I think is the bigger challenge for chiefs. We have to hire the very best, we have to train them and supervise them and we have to have clear policies so serious misconduct doesn't occur."