Christian Group Applies For City Grant

The recently approved Downtown Windsor Enhancement Strategy and Community Improvement Plan has its first applicant.

First Church of Christ, Scientist for Christian Science Reading Room is asking the city for assistance.

Reading Room Librarian Patti Faulkner says the facade improvements for the Pelissier Street site will cost about $9600.

She says the group has already secured a grant from the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association worth 50% of the cost but is now looking for the city to cover 25% of the cost.

She says four main upgrades will be done.

"We wanted to get a new awning for over our window, a new sign, a new door and some new gooseneck lighting to illuminate our old sign," says Faulkner. 

She adds if it wasn't for the grants, the facade improvements wouldn't happen.

"I'm not sure we'll go ahead with it," says Faulkner.  "It just doesn't seem to be the best use of our funding if we had to do it all ourselves, we couldn't do it."   

The city's planning committee approved the group's grant request Monday night.

The matter will now go to city council for final approval.

If approved, Faulkner says work will begin later this year.

The site is located at  415 Pelissier between Wyandotte & Park.