Cineplex Devonshire Applies For Liquor Licence

Do you want to have a glass of wine while you watch a movie in the theatre?

Cineplex Devonshire in Windsor has applied for a liquor licence for all cinemas and the lobby area.

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario spokesperson Ray Kahnert says as per regulations, there was a requirement to post a public notification to allow local residents the chance to comment on the proposed licence.

In this case, there were no public comments received and the application is nearing its final stages.

The average time to process an application is about 10 to 12 weeks.

AGCO spokesman Ray Kahnert says there are around 30 movie theatres in the province licensed to serve alcohol.

"It's a trend." says Kahnert, "Things are changing, things are modernizing in Ontario when it comes to the sale and service of alcohol."