City Committee Says Yes To Sandwich Town Arch

The Sandwich Town arch is one step closer to reality.

On Tuesday, the city's Heritage Standing Committee voted in favour of the project.

Urban Design Planner Adam Coates says the arch would be located on Sandwich Street between Paterson and McKee Parks.

He says depending on council's decision, there is still a chance for the arch to go up this year.

"That was the goal but given how this report goes to council and what they would like to do, the manufacturer is able to manufacture it off site, bring it and erect it on site so it can happen quite quickly once they get approval but it's whether or not council would like to pursue that."

He says the project is split up into two pieces.

"There's the cultural side, the planning and cultural department working together on that and there's the engineering side which is the actual construction of the arch and the funding."

He says there are other arches in the city.

"It is bigger than the Ottawa Street arch.  I know that we did a design build for the design of the arch and we had two companies that submitted and this was the winning bid basically."            

Coates adds the city is also proposing to add Sandwich heritage stories and plaques on the arch.

He says the public would be invited to share their heritage stories with city staff.

The cost of the arch project will be discussed at an upcoming council meeting.