City Considers Allowing Crosswalk Art Projects

Windsor's City Council will decide whether or not to allow more colourful crosswalks Monday night.

Adding art to crossings has already been implemented in several major cities — conveying a neighbourhood theme or mood. City administrator Shawna Boakes says the report covers everything needed to move forward.

"What area's that we would allow them in, it identifies some requirements of the materials they would have to use and it also provides some information on potential funding opportunities that they could use," she says.

According to the report, the average cost ranges from $1,000 for asphalt paint, which lasts up to two-years, to $15,000 for thermoplastic paint, which lasts up to seven-years.

When it comes to paying to create and maintain the crossings, Boakes says the onus is on the applicant. 

"There's a grant being provided to the city for some cultural ideas, however, the city has no funding to do any of these projects on its own," she says. "The individuals that are coming forward will have to supply their own budget for it."

She tells AM800 News only low traffic areas will qualify for a permit.

"More the downtown areas, right in front of a school, something that would be easier to maintain, we're not going to be allowing them on locations like arterial roads where it's just too difficult to maintain something like that," says Boakes.

If council approves the policy, Boakes says an application process will be opened up.

— with files from AM800's Kristylee Varley.