City Council To Debate Bike Lanes In Windsor

Windsor City Council will be tackling a controversial issue tonight concerning bike lanes on Wyandotte St. E. in the Old Riverside and Pillette Village areas.

A city standing committee is recommending a proposed 6km bike lane that zig zags around to avoid adding bike lanes on Wyandotte St. E.

But the cycling community wants Wyandotte reduced to one lane in both directions, and adding bike lanes which are protected by parked cars.

Windsor's Executive Director of Operations Dwayne Dawson says this is not the right time to implement bike lanes on Wyandotte in that area. "The city is in favour and supports the bike lanes on Wyandotte St. In its current condition, the way Wyandotte is with its road width and lane width,  it is not conducive for placing cycling infrastructure on Wyandotte."

"In the interim, we are suggesting that we need to, from a cycling route standpoint, bring people through an alternate loop while we investigate implementation of bike  lanes or what can be done to implement them safely on Wyandotte," says Dawson.

"Implementing what the cycling community wants, would lead to major back-ups on Wyandotte or drivers using Riverside Dr. instead," says Dawson. "Through our analysis, with the traffic volumes at that section of the road currently experiences, it is going to cause unusual back-ups."

Dawson says the recommendation also includes completing a study on Wyandotte St. E. to accommodate all modes of transportation, with possibly including bike lanes in the future.