Council to Discuss Fencing due to High Water at Assumption Park 


A fast-flowing Detroit River is on the agenda tonight at Windsor City Council.

High water levels forced the parks department to erect a fence along a picturesque stretch of stone steps beside the Ambassador Bridge at Assumption Park last week.

The city's Jan Wilson says swift currents caused by high waters have literally dragged several of the massive stone blocks out into the waterway.  

She admits the temporary fence is a bit of an eyesore, but with an extremely strong current flowing past the steps, safety will trump a beautiful view until engineers finish their assessment.

"They are slippery and wet and we're very concerned that people going out on those rocks could slip into the river," she says.

Wilson says it's hard to put a timeline on a fix with water levels at an all-time high on the river.

"If it's something that can be fixed with the rocks once the water goes down, we could certainly look at that or we may have to look at the different solution there that will have a railing if they're going to be continued issues," says Wilson.

She says problems aren't relegated to Assumption Park.

"There are some areas along the riverfront where there is a railing, but there's a platform that can be used for fishing that would typically be open. We have had to lock those gates and we're asking people to not breach those areas for their own safety," she says. "We'll keep monitoring if there's other areas that have to be fenced off."

Wilson says another report will likely need to be generated after council provides some direction to administration Monday night.