City Councillor Backs Appeal of Mega-Hospital Location

One member of Windsor city council is supporting an appeal over the chosen location for a new mega-hospital.

The group Citizens for an Accountable Mega-Hospital Process or CAMPP is opposed to building the hospital at County Rd. 42 and the 9th Concession, not far from Windsor Airport.

Chris Holt says he agrees with the appeal process.

Holt sent out a tweet early Monday morning, stating "There's people casting shade on the folks brave enough to stand up to the status quo and question the location of the proposed consolidated hospital site by saying we don't want improved health care in Windsor-Essex.  Please disregard them as desperate."



He says the group is only appealing the location not the hospital.

"The unfortunate part is, is there are some detractors out there that are really trying to muddy the waters a little bit right," says Holt.  "So they're saying that the group that's making the appeal has different motives then what they're saying and it's unfortunate."

Windsor city councillor Fred Francis and Amherstburg Deputy Mayor Leo Meloche recently spoke out against the appeal, saying anything but a united front puts the hospital in jeopardy.

Holt calls the opposition to the appeal unfortunate.

"It's a person of influence that's saying this and it's completely untrue and it really needs to be called out," says Holt.  "They're {CAMPP} literally appealing the rezoning of the official plan amendment of County Rd. 42 secondary plan that was put forward.  So technically it doesn't have anything to do with the hospital."

CAMPP is appealing the location of the proposed new hospital on County Rd. 42 and the 9th Concession to Ontario's Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.

"Am I a fan of the appeal? Yes," says Holt. "Do I hope that it raises a lot more information, a lot more questions about exactly why the city has approved the rezoning of County Road 42 lands? Yes."

Essex County Warden Gary McNamara told county council, it's time to rally together and not give the Ontario government an excuse to cut the $2-billion project.