City Councillor Under Fire For Comments Made To Local Newspaper

Comments made last month by a Windsor city councillor to a local newspaper will be investigated by the city's Integrity Commissioner.

On Monday, councillor Jo-Anne Gignac requested a formal investigation into comments made by ward 3 councillor Rino Bortolin.

Bortolin was discussing recent city spending and was quoted as saying "there is no money for a $3,000 alley light where that person got beat up and raped last week."

Gignac told council she was taken by surprise by the comments.

"The allegation of a rape and whether or not our priorities here in the City of Windsor, in this chamber are mixed up, that we don't take safety seriously in our community was very concerning to me," says Gignac.    


Councillor Jo-Anne Gignac & Councillor Rino Bortolin (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

Bortolin says he regrets the comments he made.

"I think I've come out and commented I think immediately the next day and apologized for the use of those words and also tried to put them in context as well because of the way that they had come out," says Bortolin.

Integrity Commissioner Bruce Elman will now rule if Bortolin's comments were a violation of council's code of conduct.

The comments were made on October 18th.

Bortolin declared a conflict on the motion while councillor Chris Holt voted against the motion.