City Councillor Wants To Know If Speed Limits Should Be Reduced In Windsor

A member of city council thinks it's time to talk about reduced speed limits in Windsor.

Ward 4 Councillor Chris Holt is making the suggestion after a group of Calgary city councillors pushed to have the speed limit in residential neighbourhoods in that city reduced to 30 km/h from 50 in the name of safety.

Holt told AM800's 'The Lynn Martin Show that two years ago, the province gave municipalities the power to lower their default speed limits.

It means if there is no sign posted on a street, the default speed limit in Windsor is 50km\h. Council decided at the time not to address it.

Ward 4 councillor Chris Holt told AM800's 'The Lynn Martin Show', there are statistics that prove reduced speeds increase safety.

"The World Health Organization says if we lower our default speed limit to 30 km\h, there's a 90% chance of survival if a pedestrian is struck," says Holt. "That number goes down to 60% survival if the pedestrian is struck at 40 km\h."

He believes it is time to re-open the discussion on the issue.

"90% of the calls that I receive, are from residents complaining about cars speeding in their neighbourhoods," he says. "Everybody that I talk to is all in favour of  reducing the speeds on their streets where their kids play but then, overall, through-out the whole city, they're a little bit more skeptical."

Click HERE for a link to the report by the World Health Organization.