City Distributed FOG Receptacles Making A Difference

The distribution of about 12,000 fat, oil and grease (FOG) home containers appears to be making an impact on Windsor's sewer system.

The program to get residents to use the "It's Your Turn" cups started about a year ago. Residents pour their cooled fats, oils and grease into the cup instead of down the drain.

Phong Nguy, Manager of Contract, Maintenance and Field Services City of Windsor, says it's hard to pinpoint the exact impact.

He says the cups are in home use, so it's up to the individual how much it is used. However, Nguy says they have seen less clogging in the sewer pipes they've checked.

"In general, we have noticed that the sewers are a little bit less greasy as we clean," says Nguy. "In general I think there's some improvement"

Nguy says the reduction has shown up in sewer treatment plants.

"We noticed that the cleaning is a little more effective than previous this way we can cover more of our flushing cycle versus before sometimes we get bogged down," says Nguy. 

The disposal of fats, oils and grease into the sewer system has caused what are called "fat-bergs" to congest pipes and treatment plants.

The FOG containers are still readily available at the city's community centres, at the household hazardous waste drop-off on North Service Rd. and at various community activities.