City Greenhouse On The Move

The city is getting a new greenhouse.

On Monday, Windsor city council agreed to move its current greenhouse from Lanspeary Park to Jackson Park.

Councillor Chris Holt says the new structure will be similar in size to the existing one (11,000 sq-ft) and will be located at the southeast corner of the park across from McDougall Street.

He says the city will keep the 2.5 acres of land at Lanspeary.

"We've been told it's going to be given back to the city, to the residents as parkland and it's exciting to have an expansion of parkland within the core of the city," says Holt.   

He adds the matter now heads to 2019 budget deliberations to see when the funding will be made available.

"We're right at the end of the year so we will be determining that at the budget level and from what I gathered it's going to be phased in as well," says Holt.  "It's a lot of moving parts to this as well."   

The estimated cost to build a new greenhouse at Jackson Park is $4.4 million.

The current greenhouse consists of seven heated structures ranging from 10-years to 90-years-old.