City Invests $83K to Clean Goose Poop

Windsor City Council is looking to make the city a little less goose-poop friendly.

During 2019 budget deliberations, council set aside $83,000 for staffing to clean the city's sidewalks and trails of goose droppings.

Windsor Corporate leader for Parks, Recreation and Culture Facilities, Jan Wilson says more and more complaints are coming in about the droppings as the population of geese appear to be on the rise in our area.

"It actually has increased in concern over the last few years, we seem to have a larger population around our area, we find that geese are not leaving the area like they used to," says Wilson.


AM800 file photo

She says some areas are worse than others especially along the waterfront.

"We will be able to target areas that are worse than others, but it will be more regular basis. Of course as soon as you clean an area, the geese can come back and leave some more droppings," says Wilson.

Canada Geese are protected so they can't be 'eliminated.'

Wilson admits it is a difficult problem to solve.

"It is much more challenging to actually discourage the geese from landing here in our parks, that's much trickier so this is one way at least that we can be proactive," she says.

During the 2018 budget, city council set aside $75,000 to purchase equipment to clean the sidewalks and trails.