City Outside Workers Fund High Tech Tools

A donation from CUPE Local 82, matched by Windsor Ward 7 funds, has allowed for a wide suite of tech tools to be made available at the Forest Glade Library.

Among the items are a 3D printer, virtual reality mask, drone and self propelled balls.

Some of the cool tech now at FG Library thanks to CUPE local 82 and Ward 7 funds. #CKLW

— Peter Langille (@PLangille800) April 5, 2017

The union representing City of Windsor outside workers is proud to have been able to make this possible.

Vice President Chad Goebel says they're glad to be part of this:  "to be able to bring state of the art, cutting edge technology to the patrons and the kids with summer coming and we hope they all get a chance to experience and enjoy it"


Ward 7 Councillor Irek Kuszmierczyk takes a selfie with students at Forest Glade Library (photo by AM800's Peter Langille)

Ward 7 Councillor Irek Kusmierczyk says this is important for the growth of young children: "young people today have to be fluent in the language of technology it doesn't matter if you're going to be an engineer or computer science whether you're and English major or history major you have to be fluent in technology and libraries have a critical role in getting that technology to the hands of young people"

Windsor Public Library Board Chair Peter Frise says kids need to learn about this technology: "this kind of technology to us is kind of exciting and new and interesting, 3D printing, virtual reality etc, but their world will be full of this kind of thing and the sooner they're able to deal with it the better"

Students from Eastwood Elementary School and Forest Glade Public Schools were first to get to to test the new equipment.

CUPE donated $6000, matched by ward funds from Councillor Kusmierczyk