City Preparing for Freezing Rain

City crews are preparing for what could be a very messy night on the roads.

Freezing rain is expected to move over Southwestern Ontario overnight Tuesday and into early Wednesday morning.

Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become very slippery. 

"We are preparing all of our trucks with salt, pre-wetted salt so that we can get out in advance of the storm and get some rock salt on the roads so that when the freezing rain starts to fall, it can start to work," says Executive Director of Operations, Dwayne Dawson.

He tells AM800's The Afternoon News that crews will be out continuously.

"We're going to hit all of our main roads, our main routes — EC Row, all of our arterials, collectors and our transit routes." However, Dawson warns drivers to be cautious, saying "although we are out applying salt and trying to keep ahead of the storm, there still could be some icy spots that do occur, especially on the side streets where we won't be as active."

Dawson says crews will be on the roads about two hours before the precipitation, which could hit Windsor anywhere from 2am-5am.


— With files from AM800's Patty Handysides