City Rejects Funding Request for Another Jurassic Park

The city of Windsor will not provide funding to help host another Jurassic Park.

On Sunday night, over 2,700 people attended an NBA Finals viewing party in Charles Clark Square to watch the Toronto Raptors play Golden State.

Event organizer Renaldo Agostino said despite the large crowd, he still lost money.

He approached city council Monday night requesting a $10,000 donation to help fund Jurassic Park 2 for Friday night's Game four of the series.

Council voted to waive the $650 event permit but did not endorse any further funding.


A crowd of more than 2700 people come out for Windsor's Jurassic Park event, Charles Clark Square, June 2, 2019 (via Twitter)

Agostino says over 20 other municipalities are fully funding Jurassic Park events in their town squares.

Every other municipality is paying for this on their own because they have the resources, the funds, the budget, the planning and really the pre-thought to say 'you know what let's do this for our cities,'" he says. "For whatever reason our city wasn't at that point and I think a lot of it was because the people that we needed to speak to weren't here."

Without full support from the city Agostino says he can't host another event.

"We're doing this because we're basketball fans, we're NBA fans, we're City of Windsor fans," he says. "Never once did we look at doing this and saying here's a chance for us to make money, because we knew and we know there is zero opportunity here to make money."

Agostino is hoping a company or organization in the community can help out instead.

"If there's an angel out there that wants to make this happen, sure but I'm dry man, I haven't slept in three days," he says. "I've been working like crazy on this.  I can't call anybody else to ask for favours.  I can't keep going."

Agostino adds many downtown businesses reported having a much busier Sunday night due to the extra foot traffic in the core.

Meantime, mayor Drew Dilkens says if the city had the proper infrastructure in place to host a Jurassic Park event it would, but without high definition screens and a high quality sound system, it just isn't possible.


With files from Zander Broeckel