City, Riverside Minor Baseball At Odds Over St. Rose Park

The Riverside Minor Baseball Association and the City of Windsor may be at odds over St. Rose Park.

A large section of land, just off Wyandotte St. E. near St. Rose Ave., has been vacant since Riverside Arena was demolished and Concord Elementary School closed.

The association is pushing for a major redevelopment, including an accessible Miracle League baseball diamond, outdoor track and a new war memorial.

City administration is recommending the land be sold for commercial and residential development.


Proposed development on each side of St. Rose Park (Photo courtesy of the City of Windsor)

The association's Bill Kell believes the property should remain as park land. "The park was donated to the Town of Riverside in the 1920's to be a park. It was the home to Riverside Arena for many years, and when they tore that down, we looked on it as an opportunity to fulfil our Riverside Minor Baseball mission."

"The Riverside Minor Baseball Association's plan would bring life back to the property," says Kell. "It will be invigorating. It'll be energized. We expect that we're going to have a stage there, areas for, for instance, fun runs or movie nights. It brings back the old community types, so that the neighbourhood can get together."

Kell says the association is willing to fully fund the $1.8-million redevelopment project.  In fact, more than $600,000 has already been raised.

The association presents its plan to the city at tonight's council meeting.