City's Planning Committee Approves Proposed Micro Brewery

The city's planning committee has approved a re-zoning application for a proposed micro brewery in Windsor's Ford City neighbourhood.

Motor Craft Ales is looking to expand its current micro-brewery, housed at Motor Burger on Erie St., to a vacant building at the corner of Drouillard Rd. and Ontario St.

Operator Jay Soulliere says it's an exciting opportunity but the building does need a lot of work. "First we got to shore up, what's scary as far as structure goes, then clear it out and start the designing from there." 

Soulliere says they have been looking in the area for the past several years and set their sights set on this particular location during the last year. "The area in general attracted us for along time, that particular site is just because it's available.  It was something in the city that was either get used or get taken down."

The goal is to have the micro brewery open this time next year.

The request still needs to go to city council for final approval.