City Say All Businesses will be Accessible During Huron Church Re-Construction

The city's Director of Operations is clearing the air when it comes to the Huron Church Rd. re-construction project.

Dwayne Dawson says all businesses between Malden Rd. and Dorchester Rd. will have access to their property during construction.

As heard on AM800 news Friday morning, the owner of Huron Church Animal Hospital feels he is losing access to his property and his business will suffer.

Dawson says the city is working with all businesses.

"Everyone's a little bit individual depending on which side of the road your on," says Dawson.  "With the plaza on the one side, it will be mainly access off Daytona and the business owner on the west side, the vet hospital will have access to his driveway that he currently does during the one phase of the project and then we're building him a driveway off of Blackburn Crt."


Huron Church Rd. re-construction map, February 28, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Rob Hindi)

Dawson says there will be some delays.

"With any construction in a busy area, the businesses fear that people are just going to avoid the area because of some of the backups you'll see and that's certainly a possibility that people may try to avoid that area as much as possible," says Dawson.            

Construction is expected to begin on April 1st and will last about 90 days.

The cost of the project is $5.5-million.

The province is chipping in $3-million.