City To Bid On 2022 Can-Am Police And Fire Games

The City of Windsor is looking to host the 2022 Can-Am Police and Fire Games.

Council approved the bid on the Games — an opportunity Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens sees as exciting.

Dilkens says there's no fee to bid, but says hosting costs would hit about $580,000.

"It's about 800 participates from across North America that attend this event generally, it's been held about 24 other times throughout North America so we're going to be bidding on that and really there is no cost to the city unless we're successful, but the economic impact is in the range of $5-million to $10-million dollars if we are successful," says Dilkens. 

The event features police and fire exercises.

"There's lots of shooting, there's ladder climbs and all the things those folks have to do and train for in their jobs so it's a lot of skill type of events and it would be very interesting to have them here and certainly those games in the past have shown to produce quite an economic impact," says Dilkens.

Thunder Bay hosted the event in 2016. The host for the 2018 and 2020 games is The Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.

The games started in 1977.