City To Crackdown On Front Yard Parking

The City of Windsor is going to crack down on front yard parking. Beginning February 1, parking enforcement officers will be issuing tickets to all vehicles that are parked on a front or side yard. 

Supervisor of parking enforcement Bill Kralovensky says officers will begin in the west-end and move east looking for any front yard parking. Before a ticket is handed out, a warning will be issued to let people know about the bylaw crackdown. The fine for front yard parking is $25.

Kralovensky says some of the problem areas are the neighbourhoods around the University of Windsor and downtown where there is not enough street parking or it may cost $30 for a parking permit. 

"If they're out and they see a vehicle parked in an infraction like this, what they're going to do is drop a little notification letter from the city of Windsor saying this is a new by-law and you can't do this anymore, please move," says Kralovensky.

Supervisor of Parking Enforcement, Bill Kralovensky says front yard parking is a city-wide issue.

"Obviously around the university where there is more rooming houses, that sort of thing for the students. Students are on a tight budget, they can't afford a permit to park on the street, so what they try to do is pull up everywhere."

Along with officers looking for front yard parking violators, complaints can also be filed by calling 3-1-1.