City To Purchase Land To Replace South-Windsor Park

A replacement is on the way for Seven Sisters Park in south-Windsor.

The park — located south of Lambton St. at Huron Church Rd — fell into disrepair after the city could no longer mow the grass due to the discovery of the endangered Butler Gartner snake in 2008. Efforts were made to cut the grass in some sections of the park, but it became too inefficient and costly for the city to continue.

Dilkens tells AM800 News the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has stepped up with some land to get area kids their park back.

"The MTO has come forward with a piece of land that services that area that we're going to buy from them, put equipment there and make that a new public park for the people in the Lambton St. area," he says. "It's just the right thing to do."

Dilkens hopes to get the ball rolling quickly.

"I suspect we could probably do the transfer relatively quickly," he says. "In terms of getting the equipment there, it will probably be later this year or first thing in the spring."

Dilkens says the property will cost the city more than $150,000.


— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi.