City Votes To Approve Firefighter Deal

Windsor City Council has done its part when it comes to a new deal with the Windsor Professional Firefighters Association.

In a special meeting of council Tuesday afternoon, members were presented with and voted to approve a tentative five-year agreement .

Mayor, Drew Dilkens says this is the first time in 15 years that arbitration wasn't needed.

"I think if you look corporate wide, we have not had a lot of labour strife," he says. "We've dealt with these contracts in a fair and resonable way and included the membership of each of those respective unions and organizations. They obviously agree with that because they ratify those agreements so I hope fire will be the same."

Dilkens believes the deal is fair and reasonable for the firefighers and for tax payers.

"We've done this without having to go to arbitration and throw everything up in the air.  Arbitration is a crap shoot, you never know what you're going to get at the end of the day and certainly you don't have the same opportunity through arbitratin to get sme of the language changes that you can if you come to a negotiated agreement."

The 240 members of the Windsor Professional Firefighters Association will vote on the tentative deal next Monday and Tuesday.

Previous to the current contract, city firefighters worked without a a deal from 2005-2013 when an arbitrator handed down a decision.