City Wants To Add $100K Financial Position

One city councillor is looking for answers when it comes to the proposed hiring of a new position at city hall.

Administration is recommending bringing on a Manager for Electronic File Transfers at a cost of $100,000. The new staff member would handle finances and oversee the transferring of funds for the city.

Councillor Fred Francis says there's a lot of unanswered questions.

"No doubt it's an important element of the job that needs to be done, but the questions I'll be asking is, 'How's that job currently being done — how was it done before, and are there any opportunities to continue on with that important job without needing to bring on additional salary and having the taxpayer pay for that?'"

Francis says he doesn't want to see frivolous spending.

"Matters like these always get my attention because we have to ensure we're doing what we can do to not increase the burden on the Windsor taxpayers," he says. "We just went through the budget process a few months ago and there were a few recommended hires in there that were not approved by council because, obviously, that would have increased the operation budget of the corporation."

Council will discuss the issue at its regular meeting tonight.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi