City Wants to Delay Sale of Central Library Building

The City of Windsor is looking to push back the closing date for the central library branch building.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens says they're having discussion with the Downtown Mission about the idea.

He says reconstruction of the Paul Martin Building location will take about eight months.

The library has to be out of the Ouellette Avenue building by the middle of this month with the mission taking ownership in June.

Dilkens doesn't want to be without library service in the core are for that long.

"I want to make sure we continue to provide library services, that there's no gap in continuity in terms of the move from our 850 Ouellette to the Paul Martin Building.  So we're working through options to stay at the current location until the reconstruction is done inside the Paul Martin Building."

He says they have some flexibility to accommodate the needs of library services.

"We could manage a little bit at the existing city hall and probably bring the FRED Bookmobile out.  But neither are ideal alternatives so we're working through how we may be able to stay in our existing building until such time as we can move into the Paul Martin Building."

When responding to the move, Mission Executive Director Ron Dunn says "As of now, there have been no changes to the dates". 

--with files from Kathie McMann--