Closing Submissions Heard In Historic Sex Crime In Windsor

Closing submissions have been heard for a former Windsor man charged in an historic sex crime.

John Thomas Wuschenny, 57, is accused of breaking into a home on Marentette Ave. in September 1990 and sexually assaulting a woman who was in bed sleeping.

Police arrested him in 2016 after a DNA hit on the semen found on the victim's t-shirt came back as belonging to Wuschenny.

The crown says its case is overwhelming as there is no other explaination why the semen was there.

"That stain belongs to Mr. Wuschenny!" Concluded Assistant Crown Walter Costa.

The defence argues there were three stains on the bedding at the scene of the crime and one of those, could be the intruders.

"Which semen is the intruders?" asked defence lawyer Andrew Telford-Keogh.

Wuschenny and the victim did not know each other.

The defence had submitted an application to have the charges stayed, claiming Wuschenny's rights were violated due to the length of time it took for police to lay the charges and due to some evidence that was lost.  The judge dismissed the application.

Justice Renee Pomerance will hand down her decision November 14.